Shanli's galvanizing project in Bangladesh successfully completed a one-time trial run
  Shanli Co., Ltd. successfully completed the one-time trial run of the Bangladesh galvanization project. On August 1, 2021, the (aluminum) zinc plating unit project signed by Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Shanli) and Bangladesh KSML company was successfully put into operation. In this project, the Shanli technical team has overcome many difficulties caused by the epidemic. With the active cooperation and support of KSML, the project installation is progressing smoothly. The first volume of the heat load test run produced qualified galvanized products, which marked the heat load of the unit. The trial run was successful at one time. At present, the production line is running stably and the product quality is excellent. This is the first plating (aluminum
Congratulations to Bazhou Sansteel Technology Co., Ltd. on the successful transformation, upgrading and resumption of production of the 3# galvanized line
Congratulations to Bazhou Sansteel Technology Co., Ltd. on the successful transformation, upgrading and resumption of production of the 3# galvanized line
At 13:30 on June 17, 2021, the 3# continuous galvanizing line annealing furnace technology upgrade project of Bazhou Sangang Technology Co., Ltd. contracted by Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation. This is Shanli Company. Another masterpiece of Shanli Company demonstrates the technical strength of Shanli Company in the field of galvanizing.
Shanli shares successfully completed Zhongshan Zhongsheng Electric Steel
Shanli shares successfully completed Zhongshan Zhongsheng Electric Steel's transformation line in 236 days
Shanli Co., Ltd. worked hard for 236 days to successfully complete the transformation line of Zhongshan Zhongsheng Electrical Steel. On May 9, 2021, Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. undertaken the original stainless steel processing line of Zhongshan Zhongsheng Metal Strip Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. With joint efforts, we overcame the many difficulties caused by the epidemic, and successfully transformed it into a continuous decarburization annealing coating unit for the production of non-oriented electrical steel for 236 days (unit 3), the first volume of qualified electrical steel products The 3# unit was officially offline. In August 2020, Zhongshan Zhongsheng Metal Strip Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongshan Zhongsheng), Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, saw
Shanli's new employee meeting in 2021
Shanli Co., Ltd. 2021 new employee meeting In order to allow new employees to have a deeper understanding of the company's corporate culture, better integrate into the work environment, and enhance employees' sense of belonging and responsibility, at 9:30 am on April 23, led by the Human Resources Department Organized this new employee meeting. The meeting invited several leaders such as General Manager Zhang Guanghua, Financial Director Xiong Xingchun, Executive Vice President Li Ya, Director Ma Guohe, and Director Fang Zhenyan to attend the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Jiang Ting, Director of Human Resources Department. At the meeting, the new employees gave a brief introduction of themselves and reported their feelings after coming to Shanli to the leaders present. Among them, the most mentioned
Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. recruits talents from the society
Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. recruits talents from the society
WENEEDYOU Recruitment Enterprise recruitment has started Shanli Co., Ltd. Recruitment Announcement Company Profile Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and development, processing and manufacturing, equipment assembly, installation and commissioning of strip processing technology and coating processing equipment Services and project general contract engineering construction, to provide users with comprehensive system solutions. With advanced technology and high-quality services, we will strive to build a high-end technology and equipment brand in China's steel industry to create more value for the society. Through long-term unremitting efforts, Shanli Company has been
We started
We started
We have started work. The law is gradually returning to Chunhui, and Vientiane is starting to update! A year full of harvests waved away, the year of the ox is full of vitality in spring. On the morning of February 18, 2021, General Manager Zhang Guanghua, Vice President of Administration Li Ya, etc., accompanied by the Human Resources Department, went to various departments to extend their New Year's condolences, celebrate the Spring Festival together, and give employees New Year greetings and give out red envelopes for the start of work! During the period, President Zhang, President Li, Vice President Li Xuebiao of the Marketing Department, President Wu of the New Material Technology Research Institute, President Fang, etc. extend their greetings in the Spring Festival! Thank you for your dedication, dedication and support in the past year; then to the technical department, R&D and design department, engineering management department and other departments and department heads and employees.
Shanli shares provide all employees with warm-hearted welfare during the Spring Festival
Shanli shares provide all employees with warm-hearted welfare during the Spring Festival
On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2021, in order to thank everyone for their hard work in the production and operation of Shanli Company over the past year, and to express the company’s strong care and New Year’s blessings for the majority of employees, under the unified arrangement of Shanli Company’s labor union, February On the afternoon of the 5th, the company's labor union distributed heart-warming Spring Festival benefits to all employees. A piece of affordable benefits is held in the hands of the employees and warms their hearts. A box of welfare materials carrying the company's care is passed to the employees. It also represents the sincere greetings sent by the company leaders to every employee and their family members. With Chinese New Year blessings. The labor union of Shanli Company has always attached great importance to the
New employee welcome party
New employee welcome party
Strip processing expert New employee welcome party At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is updated! In order to welcome new employees, so that all friends can get to know each other more quickly and integrate into the Shanli family faster, at noon this Friday, the company specially held a small welcome party for new employees. At the meeting, all the friends spoke freely, some introduced their pre-employment experience, some shared their feelings about work and life after coming to Shanli, and some thanked colleagues for their help and care. The orientation meeting is getting better and better. All the friends said that although it hasn’t been long since they first arrived at the company, they have deeply felt the contributions from the Shanli family in terms of food, clothing, housing, and transportation.
Congratulations to Uzbekistan
Congratulations to Uzbekistan's 120,000-ton galvanizing unit for the smooth commissioning
Congratulations to Uzbekistan's 120,000-ton galvanizing unit for the smooth commissioning. Good news came from Uzbekistan, which is thousands of miles away, on December 24, 2020. The Uzbekistan AziaMetalProf company, which is generally contracted by Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd., has an annual output of 120,000 tons. The first roll of the galvanizing unit was successfully rolled off the assembly line, marking the one-time success of the heat load test run of the unit, and the unit has entered the trial production stage. According to the project during the commissioning period, which coincided with the impact of the global new crown epidemic, the navigation between the two countries was not possible. Shanli Company was anxious to the urgency of its customers. It arranged commissioning personnel to the scene as soon as the flight resumed. On-site commissioning personnel worked overtime. After more than 40 days of hard work, the unit was put into production on time, and it was highly recognized by the owner. This unit is a cold-rolled sheet hot-dip galvanizing line, which has the functions of annealing reduction, hot-dip galvanizing, smoothing, stretching and straightening, and coating. The designed annual production capacity is 120,000 tons, the product specifications range from 0.16-1.2mm*750-1250mm, and the maximum speed of the unit is 160mpm. The Uzbekistan galvanizing project is another export project after Shanli Company and the projects in Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Based in Asia and going to the world, we will provide high-quality services to global customers along the "One Road and One Belt". Looking forward to the future, all Shanli people will continue to explore, practice and innovate, and become a world-renowned equipment supplier with advanced sheet technology and high-quality services.


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