Enterprise introduction

Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of metal deep processing technology and equipment focusing on plate and strip post-processing. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been committed to the technical R & D, technical service and equipment supply of metal plate and strip production.

Through long-term unremitting efforts, Shanli company has made outstanding achievements in the fields of strip steel pickling unit, strip steel continuous hot plating (aluminum) zinc unit, strip steel color coating unit, strip steel continuous annealing unit, stainless steel strip annealing unit, silicon steel (electrical steel) whole process treatment unit, etc. we have provided more than 200 sets of continuous strip treatment production lines to customers at home and abroad, It has obtained 86 patented technologies, 8 software copyrights and 7 major scientific and technological achievements. Participated in the formulation of national standards for products in relevant industries. The "coating processing complete equipment" of Shanli company was recognized as the title of famous brand product in Hubei Province, and Shanli company won the quality award of mayor of Huangshi City. Shanli company is recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise" and undertakes the national "Torch Plan". At the same time, Shanli trademark is known as "China's well-known trademark".

Our main technical force comes from professionals from the design and Research Institute under the former Ministry of metallurgy and the design institutes of other domestic iron and steel enterprises, and a professional technical team of supporting mechanical equipment and electrical control led by well-known foreign companies and returned overseas students. The main members are all smelting, metallurgical and thermal engineering, various strip steel continuous lines and related professional and technical experts or backbone who have long presided over or participated in the design, manufacturing, construction installation and production commissioning of national large iron and steel enterprises, with solid theoretical foundation and rich practical engineering operation experience. Among them, there are 7 professor level senior engineers, 1 doctoral tutor, 10 personnel with senior titles and 38 personnel with intermediate titles. And hired a number of domestic well-known experts in the same industry. It has formed the unique technical advantages of our company and provided strong technical support for the company.

We are committed to the R & D, promotion and application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, so that our production line makes due efforts to improve the environment while meeting customers' low input, high output and high cost performance. With cold rolling treatment technology as the core, we provide advanced and perfect cold rolling system solutions to users at home and abroad. With advanced technology and high-quality services, we strive to build a high-end technology and equipment brand in China's iron and steel industry and create more value for the society.

Enterprise introduction


Founded Huangshi Shanli Industrial Furnace Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. on April 6, 2000


Wuhan Shanli Strip Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered and established on June 16 Huangshi Shanli Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established on September 9


Huangshi Shanli Zinc-Aluminum Strip Co., Ltd. was established on April 5th Huangshi Shanli Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on December 1st


In 2006, it undertook the technical transformation project of Indonesia PT.K.W.M Company for overseas project​​​​​​​


In 2009, Shanli Company and Hubei Xingye Investment and Development Co., Ltd. co-founded Huangshi Shanli Xingye Sheet Co., Ltd.


In 2010, Shanli Company created a complete set of technology export of domestic aluminized zinc production line


In 2014, the advanced coating technology and equipment research and development, and system integration base was completed.


In 2015, Shanli won the Pakistani The high-end galvanizing line of the largest steel company (International Steel Corporation).


Successfully developed high magnetic induction oriented electrical steel in 2016 (HIB) Complete process technology and equipment, Won the praise of the market.


In 2017, won the "Huangshi City Mayor Quality Award" and"First Prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress".


In 2018, we contracted Aisha Steel for continuous Hot-dip galvanizing and push-pull pickling line Bangladesh KSML continuous hot-dip galvanizing and color coating line

2019 year

In 2019, we contracted the continuous hot-dip galvanizing line of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chengdu Plate Co., Ltd. Continuous hot-dip galvanizing unit with Vietnam-France Steel in Vietnam"

Enterprise honor

Municipal Enterprise Technology Center
Hubei Enterprise Technology Center
Yellowstone Famous Brand Products
National key new products
National Quality and Technology Advanced Enterprise
China Environmental Protection Demonstration Unit
Hubei Province Innovative Enterprise
Private Technology Development Contribution Award
Council Member of Hubei Machinery Industry Federation


Huangshi Shanli Technology Co., Ltd


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